How It Works

One Product, Endless Possibilities.

Wisper Broadband brings a powerful internet broadband service to your home or business. It’s easy to receive making it suitable for everyone – from home users to students or one man businesses, up to larger enterprises.

Where it comes from.

A simple answer to a complicated question. Just like any other Internet Provider, we at Wisper Broadband buy our bandwidth from one of a number of suppliers and is back hauled to strategically placed transmitters located around the Hull and outlying villages, allowing you to receive broadband internet directly into your home or workplace without the need for a telephone line.

How you receive it.

Think of it like SKY TV, a specially designed receiver is fitted to your roof or chimney, this receiver pointed to one of the many transmitters around the area allowing the receiver and transmitter to talk. A signal is then fed down into your home or business through a special cable attached to a wireless router, allowing you to connect directly to the internet.

What you receive.

When setting up Wisper Broadband, we asked what you wanted from your internet provider? It came as no surprise that the majority of you wanted a few simple things. A fast, stable internet connection, closely followed by a reasonable price, not to be tied to a contract and finally, not having to pay for a telephone line that is never being used. Welcome to WISPER Broadband

How much does it cost?

There are a number of different packages to suit most budgets and demands, they start from £19.99 a month offering a generous 30Gb download, ideal for a lite user, £24.99 gets you the 250Gb package for those who love being on the internet, £29.99 for the higher end user needing fast internet and to share documents and information safely to the cloud and now for all you gamers you can enjoy the Ultimate package for just £34.99 offering unlimited data day and night.

What about the installation cost?

There are two options when considering how to proceed with your installation;

First, you can choose to pay for the installation up front allowing you to own the equipment outright and be backed by the 12 month warranty your equipment carries, after this period you will be responsible for all repairs or replacement of equipment.

Second, you can choose to rent the equipment at just £7.00 a month added to your tariff, as such all of the equipment will be installed FREE of Charge and as the equipment is owned by Wisper Broadband we are responsible for all warranty repairs.

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