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Wisper Broadband is here!

Wisper Broadband Is Here. Wisper Broadband is a local wireless internet provider and as such have a number of outlets in and around Kingston upon Hull where you can go to test our broadband service and ask any questions you may have.

The Outlets You Can Register

We have set-up a simple registration system within each of these outlets, ensuring you are provided with up to the minute status reports from whichever outlet you register. Each of these outlets can help with basic questions and technical issues.

Call To Register

If you would rather call to register we have set-up a dedicated number for you to ask any questions you may have and register your details in order to arrange for one of our engineers to set-up and install your Wisper Broadband package.

Back-up Service

If you find you need more in-depth information or back-up we have set up a technical help line for you to call, this line operates during normal working hour and our operators’ will be more than happy to help you with whatever your issue may be.

Fast Response

We pride ourselves on offering a rapid response to whatever your issue may be however like most other people we have to eat, sleep and spend time with our children, as such we ask you to understand if we are not able to respond as quickly as you would hope.

Become an Agent

Call Hull 363638

Places you can register

Computer Repairs Hull
257 Holderness Road
Hull, HU8 8TD
01482 223557
North Point Repairs
North Point Centre
Goodhart Road
Hull, HU7 4EE
01482 363747
Energy Options
Hedon Road
Hull, HU9 1RR
01482 235312
Customer Support
01482 363638
Technical Support
01482 363603